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SunRui Marine Environment Engineering Co., Ltd (Sunrui) is the subsidiary company of China Shipbuilding Industry Company Limited (CSIC) and is engaged in research, design, manufacture, engineering and project contracting of corrosion control and water treatment technologies. SunRui has researched and developed Balclor® BWMS Ballast Water Management System on the basis of land-based electrolytic technology.

In September 2010, Balclor® BWMS became the 6th system that achieved the final approval from IMO on their 61st IMO Conference. From 2010 to 2014, Balclor® BWMS has achieved type approval from CCS, DNV, LR, BV, NK, USCS(AMS) and ABS.

On March 7th 2014, SunRui declared the opening of the Singapore office, which is the second overseas office opened after her Tokyo office. Co-located in Coway Marine's office, Sunrui Singapore, the South Asia branch of SunRui, is mainly in charge of pre-and-after sale services.

With Sunrui Marine’s outstanding track records and excellent feedback received on the Balclor® BWMS installed to date, we look forward to serving your ballast water treatment's needs.

Alvin Goh

Alvin Goh, Sales Engineer
Sunrui Marine Environment Engineering Co Ltd
Singapore office

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» Singapore office of SunRui opened for business | 2014-03-17

“SunRui declared the open of her Singapore office on Mar. 7th 2014, which is the second overseas office opened after her Tokyo office. It is a South Asia branch of SunRui that is mainly in charge of pre and after sale services. This office is an important step in SunRui’s global strategy.

There are more than 200 ship owner and ship management companies in Singapore. Singapore is one of the most important shipping port and the container … during 2013 in Singapore ranks the 2nd place in the world. SunRui has been cooperating with one of the two biggest ship owner companies, PIL, for many times till now. Considering the indispensable position of Singapore’s shipping business and a huge potential requirement of ballast water management system, SunRui opened the Singapore office to fulfill the clients.

Tokyo office was opened in 2013 and after one years running, it contributed a lot regarding BalClor® BWMS promotion, client communication and project operation. Not only successfully built a good relationship with a Japanese ship owner company but also improved the popularity of BalClor® BWMS in Japanese shipping market and make it accepted by more and more Japanese clients.

Based on the experience of operating Tokyo office, Singapore office was built by cooperating with one of the most popular local broker, which can significantly benefit the BalClor® BWMS marketing in Singapore. A native Singapore staff was hired in this office, located in 81 Ubi Ave.4, #08-18 UB. One Singapore.